Stepping back into academia, it feels like everyone is speaking a different language

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There are theorists that I have heard of at best, but never read, and theoretical concepts that I have no grasp of at all. However, I am starting to notice my vocabulary expanding and I am making connections between the theories I am studying and what I am reading for pleasure.

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Talk out loud to your child about what you are doing in that exact moment

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I narrate my day constantly while my daughter stands next to me soaking in every word. It may seem strange at first but after a while it will become second nature. You can also narrate an activity your child is doing. If she sits down to build with blocks, talk freely about what she is building. Describe the block colors, shapes, etc. Books are another great way to narrate at home. Read a story out loud with your child. Whatever the activity – you really can’t go wrong! The simple ‘story of your life’ can have a big impact on your child.

It has been proven that metaphors are found in all languages and in all cultures around the world

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As is so well defined by a couple of authors, “metaphors act as prefabricated building blocks of mental imagery.” By making use of existing and appropriate imagery, a professional sales person can be able to get a customer to as close to the new experience as possible.

When Japanese junior and senior high school students try to improve their English pronunciation, their biggest obstacle is “surrounding eyes”

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It can be disheartening to see students with excellent English abilities purposely lowering their level of proficiency to “fit in” with their classmates. However, it’s also an understandable thing to do when you’re young and impressionable.

Write code that is concise, expressive, and adheres to a single responsibility at a time

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Writing clean code is having empathy for your future self and others as it ultimately makes it easier and quicker for anyone looking at your code to understand and work with it. We spend far more time reading code than I do writing it, so why not make reading code a better experience?

Word2Vec finds abstract representations for every word, so called word embeddings

Keywords: Machine Learning, NLP, Word Embeddings, AI, Text Mining

This are low-dimensional vectors (think of a list of 200 or 300 numbers). Once you have those word vectors, you can do nearly-magical math with words! If you take the vectors for King, Man, Woman, you can calculate King – Man + Woman and then you’ll get the vector for: Queen!