When to lie..


There are times when it is socially appropriate to lie or just shut the fuck up..

Anyways, lets not mistake this for Rockwell’s perceived “truth”..

It isna truth. To him.. in reality its a truthful opinion, not a truthful fact.. the fact only pertains to him..

Do I have black hair that has grey in it? Yes. That’s a fact. That’s an absolute truth.. whether or not you like my hair, or that it’s good hair is up to the beholder..

Then we are getting into opinions..

I just don’t want people mistaking their opinions for some absolute truth anymore..

What you think about somebody is your truth, not all truth, not an absolute fact, and more often than not? Keep your fucking mouth shut..

So if you see somebody with a shirt on you despise? Shut up. Or lie. You aren’t on Fashion Police, and last I checked it…

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