It’s disheartening to talk to someone and while they clearly heard the words, they just didn’t seem to understand what was meant, or if they did, they were not really paying attention and were noticeably disconnected

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When we interact with others and engage in conversation with them, it is important to not only hear them, but to listen to what they are saying rather than just plan what we are going to say next.

Becoming Silent

Are people always telling you to be silent? Do you often speak without thinking and end up regretting what you’ve said? Would you just feel as if there’s too much noise on your head and want to learn how to turn it away? The fantastic thing is that anybody at all may be quiet — it just takes time and patience. If you want to know how to be silent,…

Listen to the Silence and Appreciate It

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Yuhakko 语학子

Our lives are filled with sounds. We are always surrounded with music, noises from the streets, sounds we make, etc.

For this reason we have all become unease with silence. We despise it, try to avoid it like the pest, and often end up filling it in whatever way possible to make it stop.

Why do we push it away so much though?

I believe the reason behind this is simply that it is a common habit we all have.

Habits can be great tools for improving ourselves but it can also be the cause of great troubles. Being an alcoholic is having a habit of drinking too regularly, smoking is a habit that can cause cancer, eating unhealthy food is a habit that can provoke many health-related problems.

In a similar way, not being comfortable with silence is a habit that causes troubles. Contrary to the above examples…

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Why no one will ever listen

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Have you ever felt that you are unheard?

Have you ever tried to express yourself but no one seems to be listening or paying attention?

Have you ever felt that you are talking to a wall?

Have you ever felt that you are screaming at the top of your lungs but everyone is simply busy doing what they are always doing and not paying the slightest attention to your screams?

If you answered yes to any of the questions here, I have some good news for you! You are human!

Yes, you are human. Humans seem have invented this idea of a “listening ear” as though we can actually genuinely sit there and listen to someone else and really understand what that person is feeling or going through. We say things like, “I just wanted to vent.” or “I was just letting out some laundry.” or anything else to say…

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How Important is it that We Listen?

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By Emily Polston

We all say we’re listeners, but how much do we really listen to what’s being said around us? In my leadership class this past semester, we had an assignment to stay silent and listen to others the entire school day. My teachers signed off for those classes saying I was silent, but I don’t think I was as successful as they said I was. Yes, I was silent–but I wasn’t really listening to what was said around me. I just felt as if I was in my own little world. Honestly, I don’t think I took it as seriously as I could’ve. The assignment was very interesting to me but I LOVE to talk so it was more difficult than I thought it would be. I talked to Mrs. Wright and asked her why she thought it was so important that we are slow to speak and…

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