Thirst for a new culture

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For us to communicate clearly in our native language and in second and more languages to come we need to engage in activities that put us out there such as the following:

You Don’t Get Me

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Stacie Walton MD

We live in a world that includes conflict and
misunderstanding. Often these
misunderstandings occur with friends.
Frequently, understanding the “intent” behind the misconception
and its “impact” diffuses the
conflict. Resolving the discord requires leaning into discomfort by embracing a
courageous conversation regarding the impact.
Racism and internalized oppression complicate the relationship between
“intent” and “impact.”

In the spring of 1988, as an intern at a Children’s Hospital in a major urban city, I worked 100 hours a week, which included at least two sleepless nights. As the only African American resident in the program, the isolation could be profound. I found solace in the relationships formed with black ancillary and janitorial staff, and many of my Pediatric patients and families.

I met Jennifer, my closest fellow intern, for lunch. As we talked about the patients admitted to the hospital the night before, a comment from Jennifer filtered in from nowhere…

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Unsatisfying conversations? One phrase can help

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Turning over pebbles

My client – let’s call him Pete – was telling me about his greatest current frustration.

‘I do a lot of my work on the phone. Too often, I get embroiled in small talk, the conversations seem to ramble on and at the end of it, I’m not really sure what the caller actually wanted.

‘Come to think of it, it happens face to face too sometimes. A colleague will arrive at my desk, chat for a few minutes, maybe ask a question or two and then drift off. I don’t want to seem unfriendly but neither do I want to waste our time.

I want to ask “why are you calling?” or “was there something specific you wanted?” but that sounds a bit rude.’

‘How is it when you’re the one making initial contact?’ I asked.

‘Actually, that’s a good point. Maybe I need to be clearer about the…

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